to those who seek; intro; mission objective

Spirituality and self-knowing go hand in hand.

How do we become the true master of our psyche, our inner world? How do we gain inner piece, make progress in our life endeavors, and reach our spiritual goals?

We have to study, we have to work. We have to struggle.

And it’s hard…especially because there’s no go-to guide that tells us where to start. We have to just dive in and do the work ourselves.

My name is Stephanie and I’m on my own quest for spiritual development. And it has me dipping my toes in all sorts of schools of thought. Jungian psychology/archetypes, astrology, Kabbalah, tarot, meditation, Judaism, esoteric Christianity, ancient mythology, Buddhism, ancestral healing, shadow work, etc. As one who is gripped by the unknown, ┬áprocesses of pain and regeneration, death and rebirth, self-mastery and the unconscious…I’m naturally drawn toward the occult and mysticism.

What I’m discovering has left me compelled to write about these topics, the various tools involved, and how we can harness these teachings for our own personal/spiritual development.

Simply put, this blog is about my feelings/findings on this personal quest into the world of esoteric knowledge. It’s also a reference point for those on their own journey of enlightenment and self-mastery. Let’s go, y’all.